Seaforth Animal Hospital

80205 North Line
Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0



Health & Safety


Due to COVID-19, our office is open but our doors are locked!

If your pet requires medical attention, or you need to pick up medication refills or pet food, please phone ahead so that we can have everything ready for you. Food orders can be placed on our MyVetStore website and delivered directly to your door if you prefer not to come to the clinic.
We are pleased to offer Telemedicine Consultations 

Curb-side pick up and drop off.  When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up food or medications, please phone us at 519-527-1760 from your vehicle.

Please note that we are we are practicing “social distancing” and we ask that you maintain a distance of 6 feet between people.

Our team members care deeply for our clients and their pets. In order to continue to provide essential veterinary services and support to our clients and their furry family members during the COVID-19 crisis; we must be able to keep our team members remain healthy. Please help us to keep our team, their families, our clients, and our community a safer place.


  • The interior of our hospital building will be off limits to clients in all but the most extenuating circumstances. When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up food or medications, please call us at 519-527-1760 from your vehicle and a team member will communicate with you about what to expect with our temporary COVID-19 service protocol.
  • If you are arriving with your pet, please call us from your car so we can advise you when to bring your pet to the door. We have a double set of doors with a vestibule in between. Please do not enter the vestibule if there are other clients in that area. Our team member will ask you to step back or out (depending on the state/temperament of your pet) when they come to bring your pet into the hospital to be examined. Our team will need to maintain a distance of 6 feet between people; and may remind you to do the same. Please return to your vehicle once your pet in inside so the entrance is free for another client.
  • We will take your information and the pet’s medical history by phone, and the doctor will discuss the treatment plan with you by phone. You may be asked to come back to the entrance to review/discuss/sign forms.
  • Payment is best handled by giving your credit card over the phone. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please discuss it with us well in advance.
  • For pet owners and families making the difficult decision to euthanize their pet, please contact us in advance to discuss how we can best assist your family. We normally allow unlimited family members and as much time as needed to say goodbye to your pets, but under the current situation we may have to limit the number of clients to one person per pet.
  • *** If you are feeling unwell, have traveled out of the country in the past 14 days, if someone in your immediate family has traveled out of the country in the past 14 days, have a fever, respiratory symptoms, have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone that may have symptoms suspicious for COVID-19, please do not come to our hospital. Rather, please call us so that we can discuss alternatives for having your pet transported to us for care. If you arrive at the clinic with a cough or otherwise appear ill, we reserve the right to send you home until you can make appropriate arrangements for someone who is not ill to transport your pet.

This is obviously not how we would prefer to operate our business, and unfortunately there will be some delays and inconvenience. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. These measures may seem extreme at this time, but we are monitoring best practices at other veterinary hospitals; and working hard to take proactive measures to ensure that we will be able to continue to operate.