Seaforth Animal Hospital

80205 North Line
Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0


What To Do If Your Pet Is Missing

Call all area veterinary clinics with a description of your pet.  Most clinics keep a "lost pet notebook" at the front desk to try and reunite lost pets and their owners. 

Call the animal control officer (Bob Trick, 519-525-7402) so he has a description of your pet in case someone calls him about a pet that's been found. 

Post flyers that include a picture of your pet throughout the community.  Alert your insurance company if you have pet insurance as they will often pay for advertising to help find lost pets.  Post a picture of your pet on your own facebook page and/or on community lost pet pages.  Consider alerting local radio stations as they may give a description of lost pets as a public service announcement.

What To Do IF You Find A Lost or Stray Dog

Seaforth Animal Hospital acts as the pound for Huron East. Straying dogs need to be admitted to the clinic by the Animal Control bylaw officer. If you find a stray dog, please contact Bob Trick at 519-525-7402.  He will collect the dog and transport  it to the clinic. Upon admittance, we scan the pet for a microchip and search our database for pets meeting the description of the stray.  

If the dog was found straying in another municipality, the Animal Control officer with transport the pet to the area clinic acting as the pound in that municipality.

If you are the owner of a dog that has been admitted to the pound, you are required to purchase township tags at the Huron East municipal building prior to picking up your animal. Township fees may apply as well.  Authorization to release your pet will need to be approved by the municipality. You are also responsible for paying any boarding fees for the dog's stay at the pound.  

What about cats?  Unfortunately, there is no stray cat bylaw in Huron East and the pound is not allowed to admit straying cats, unless they are injured.  If you find a stray cat, alert area vet clinics so that they can keep a description on hand in case the owner phones in looking for their cat. You can also put up signs in public places with the animal's picture and a description.


What Happens to Dogs if They are Not Claimed by Their Owner?

If stay dogs are unclaimed after 3 business days, their heath and temperament will assessed to see if they are eligible for adoption.  They will be transferred to a breed rescue group, humane society, or other animal rescue organization to complete the adoption process. 

Sometimes people ask, so let's clear it up now, we do not euthanize healthy adoptable dogs - they find homes!