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Seaforth Animal Hospital

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We Are Here for You and Your Pets!

Seaforth Animal Hospital continues to provide essential Veterinary Services to you and your furry family members.  We maintain steadfast infection control and cleaning protocols; ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and their pets.  As required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of the Provincial Legislation, we continue to enforce COVID-19 screening and preventative measures such as physical distancing and appropriate use of personal protective equipment, including face wearings. For more information Click Here

Be Prepared!

Please allow 7 days notice for order and refill requests, to ensure we have what you require. Plan to keep a 2 week supply of your pets food and medications at home – be sure not to run out over the holidays!  Expect delays in delivery times and limited supplies due to seasonal demand. Contact us HERE

Have a Plan!

In the event of an emergency, and our office is closed, please contact the London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital, open 24/7 including holidays 519-432-3300.  Travelling with a pet can be stressful. Plan ahead and ensure all of your pet's medical records are up to date. Prepare contact information and care plan instructions for your pet sitter and Veterinarian, should you be unable to care for your pet. 

Save Time, Save Money and Order Online!

Convenient access for ordering your pets food, treats, supplies and medications, from the comfort of home.  Contact-less home delivery or curbside clinic pick up. Create an account with us to get started 

Holiday Safety Tips!

Prevent unwanted emergencies for your pets.  Ensure you and your families are familiar with the various plants and toxic foods that should be kept well out of reach. Provide a quiet area for hiding or perching to allow your pet to escape the loud hustle and bustle. Secure hazards such as electrical cords or decorations.  Maintain your pets healthy diet (don’t over indulge in treats!), and ensure plenty of fresh water is always available. Be prepared for severe winter weather and cold weather dangers.  

Call our office today for all of your pet's health care needs!